How To Avoid Common Generator Problems

Generators must function smoothly and effectively to power necessary equipment. Generators are susceptible to failures occasionally, just like any electrical machinery. As a result, we need to be aware of potential generator issues and seek immediate assistance. However, If you are looking to get rid of your old one and want to buy a new electrical generator in UAE, you can always contact Casablanca Generators.

The information may help us avoid having the problem in the first place or, at the very least, make us aware that it exists.

In this blog, we’ll look at some typical generator issues and how to avoid them.


The first problem that could arise with a generator is a leak. Although a generator may occasionally experience fuel, coolant, or oil leaks, the good news is that the majority of the time, they can be prevented by performing regular maintenance inspections. By conducting regular inspections on your unit, you’ll be able to spot these issues and many others.

Overfilling the base tank is the main cause of fuel leaks. This might happen due to a malfunctioning gasoline pump system or a simple human error. It is essential to have a qualified maintenance specialist perform the fueling to ensure proper fueling.

Battery Failure

Battery failure is the most typical generator issue. Batteries lose capacity and begin to generate progressively less power as they age. You can anticipate when to replace your generator’s battery before it breaks down by knowing how long it will last.

Always ensure the batteries, chargers, and any cables or connections going to or from the battery are in good working order before using your generator. Frequent cleaning and tightening of connections are advised. The battery plates should also be cleaned of any sulfation buildup since that too can impact the performance of your generator.

Little Coolant

Your generator engine may be overheating as a result of simple coolant depletion. Coolant fluid keeps your generator at the proper temperature, which distributes heat throughout the engine to avoid freezing or overheating of the engine components.

The coolant lowers the generator’s engine’s high temperatures. Due to repeated exposure to extremely high temperatures, the water in the coolant evaporatively depletes over time, leaving low levels. With routine maintenance, which includes fluid level checks, your engine can have the fluids it needs.

Stacking Wet

Wet stacking is another type of fluid leak that lowers the performance of diesel generators. This issue develops when fluids like oil, unburned fuel, and condensed water builds up in the exhaust system and leaks out as a thick, dark substance.

Burning off extra fuel can solve the moist stacking issue. Other methods to prevent wet stacking in the future include monitoring exhaust temperatures, adding provisions for load bank testing, and paralleling generators. However, it is frequently to blame when a diesel generator fails to operate at rated loads. This issue typically only affects diesel generators.

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